Bespoke Exhibition Stands For Every Industry



The bespoke exhibition stand design creation approach involves the consideration of distinctive corporate elements, the requirements, the products or services and the marketing targets.
We design bespoke exhibition stands for every industry, products and services. Innovative designs from our award winning designers, with endless ideas, will help you to choose the right design concept; giving a significant attention to the exhibition presentation.

Activteam designs and builds bespoke stands for exhibitions, which are with quality distinctive designs, budget oriented, with construction excellence.

Attention To The Smallest Details

Excellent bespoke stands requires continuous attention to the smallest details. Every aspect of  bespoke exhibition stands, down to the tiniest element, is designed and finished to perfection. It is this attention to detail that separates Activteam in the exhibition industry.
As well as bespoke exhibition stands, we offer a diverse range of project solutions to suit the individual needs of our exhibitors. These services could be mixed and matched as desired, and are individually customized to suit the needs of each booth project.
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Switch To Bespoke Exhibition Stands, Instantly Get Awareness

Build awareness and knowledge about your brand and increase customer loyalty with a bespoke stand. Create a beautiful concept, with a warm inviting atmosphere, developed to reach the exhibition targets.

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Exhibition stand designed and built in London, UK.

Bespoke Stands – From The Initial Inquire To Execution

Receive fully specialized support on every stage of your bespoke exhibition stand preparation, starting from the initial concept, to construction schedules and final setup.

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Exhibition stand designed and built in Verona, Italy.

Providing Superior Bespoke Solutions To Increase Efficiency and Performance

Activteam provides a complete range of bespoke exhibition stands to match a large variety of needs and much more. Our concepts are designed to help customers find reliable and successful solutions to increase income and reduce costs.

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Exhibition stand designed and built in Berlin, Germany.

Helping To Meet Exhibition Presentation Visibility – Customized Requirements

Customization for any exhibition objectives:

  • Releasing new products and services
  • Branding
  • Potential customers lead strategies
  • Marketing to existing customers
  • Promotion
  • Exhibition business to business marketing
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