Activteam Uses the Latest Technologies for Exhibition Build and the Highest Manufacturing Quality Materials


Our concepts are created to help customers find reliable and proven solutions to increase revenue, reduce costs. With the newest technologies for exhibition build and the highest quality materials, incorporating the latest technical improvements, advanced materials to create unique projects. With the capability to design and exhibition build for every industry, product category and service range.

As your single point of contact, Activteam covers the entire build and supply chain – from the receipt of your input data specifications to the delivery of the ready built stand. High quality finishing with the implementation of advanced technologies coupled with custom design capabilities.

Clean, smart, highly efficient solutions are designed to increase building and setup precision in a very competitive exhibition world. As the booth finishing can say a lot about exhibitor’s image, quality materials, clean and fine colored surfaces can make a visible difference in the overall visual appeal. Our clients profit from flexible project management, and digital organized administration processes, ensuring that you receive the flexibility you need to respond to your Europe wide exhibition presentations. Customized stand build solutions enable professional exhibition marketing presentation platforms.

We offer an efficient stand construction network with two production units in Central Europe. We are permanently reviewing our carrier performance, in order to provide you an optimum cost/service performance in a wide-range of services for all European geographical regions.

Discover Solutions – Build a Concept That’s Tailored to Your Operation and Objectives

Covering the Entire Building and Supply Chain

Our exhibition services are high quality and on-time. Our advanced technologies coupled with custom design capabilities. Clean, smart, highly efficient solutions, to increase visibility and brand awareness in a very competitive exhibition world.

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From the First Request to Build up and Implementation

At Activteam our teams are committed to helping to reach your targets. We develop exhibition solutions through a structured process aimed at building both, innovative and customized solutions in the UK, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and many other European countries.

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Leadership With Revolutionary Stand Concepts

Offering the best exhibition solutions to meet your unique marketing objectives and logistic requirements. Solutions to help to optimize development, design and build.

Supporting, Exhibition Stand Design and Project Management

Our concepts are designed to help customers find reputable and proven solutions to increase revenue, reduce costs, and an efficient network with two production units in Central Europe, secure on time delivery and on-site service. With the capability to design and build stands for every industry, products and services.
Create a winning exhibition stand
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Creative Exhibition Build and Services – Networking With Activteam

Activteam’s people-based quality focuses on human behaviors that drive “right the first time” results.
As a trustworthy partner, as an exhibition service provider and contractor, building custom stands offers a wide range of exhibition solutions. With our people, our footprints, our decades of working experience and our technical expertise, it’s our enthusiasm helping you to create the perfect exhibition environment, your perfect space.

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Exhibition stand designed and built in Verona, Italy.

Exhibition design and construction services in Europe and Middle East

Today Germany? Tomorrow France? Preparations for the next show in the UK? Activteam is offering everything required for multiple exhibition presentations through Europe and the Middle East.
From the construction stage, until the delivery. Our exhibitors have the overview of their projects.

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