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We exceed client’s expectations. We hear and operate upon customer’s wishes. We treat clients with respect and are clear in our dealings. Our end goal is to build long-term trusting relationships with our exhibitors. Establishing continual stand construction quality improvement.

By regularly focusing on quality, we dedicate to excellence in all that we do. We motivate new and innovative ideas to enhance our performance. Build should work right by the first time. Our work is regularly checked by the supervisors and craftsmen who manufacture the parts in our factory, ensuring every part it is built clean and following our quality standards.

Look around on our website and find the details you need at your fingertips: Activteam offers design, stand construction, and a wide range of features for exhibition structures, as well as large exhibition stands, double-deck stands, for every industry and branch. The regional presence, lean structures, and effective processes of our operational units allow us to operate cost effective aligned with all your exhibition needs.


Activteam Operational Advantages

It’s the experience to work with high quality standards and qualified personnel, innovative design development, expertise with particular attention to detail.
The use of the latest technologies in the exhibition stand design, an advanced supervision and logistic procedure, guarantee on-time construction, delivery and build up of the exhibition stand at the fairground.
Create a winning exhibition stand
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Activteam Provides Impressive, Leading Solutions

Activteam is a leader in the exhibition stands industry that provide custom made exhibition stand solutions. With deep knowledge in exhibition marketing and advertising, supporting organizations and international brands acting internationally to design and build outstanding exhibition stands. Behind the scenes, our highly skilled production team work carefully to produce quality designs for high end requests.
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Exhibition stand designed and built in Cologne, Germany.

Find an Option That’s Right for You

Activteam, is a widely recognized as an exhibition stand construction company with an excellent reputation Europe wide in exhibition services, providing a clearer viewpoint of the primary areas – design development, and its passion to provide spectacular and individual looking exhibition presentations.
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Exhibition stand designed and built in Milan, Italy.

Supporting Your Business and Marketing Initiatives With Competence

Activteam has put together, trained, skilled and extremely capable employees who can provide the style, manufacturing and build up that you are yearning for, without overpass your monetary plan. Our passion is serving, and supplying assistance to organizations in the field of making innovative exhibition stands.
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Exhibition stand designed and built in Berlin, Germany.

Exhibition booth design and construction services in Europe and Middle East

Today Germany? Tomorrow France? Preparations for the next show in the UK? Activteam is offering everything required for multiple exhibition presentations through Europe and the Middle East.
From the construction stage, until the delivery. Our exhibitors have the complete overview of their projects.

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