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Rise your image – Show your message with innovative custom exhibition stand design

We are specialized in tailored exhibition stands, providing to companies who are aiming to a professional way to display their services or products.
Activteam provides fantastic solutions which assist organizations from across the world and their brands to stand apart among the competition. Build your level of popularity with smart solutions.


Discover Solutions – Build a Concept That’s Tailored to Your Operation and Objectives


Exhibition Stands for Every Industry


Custom-made exhibition stands with a winning, industry related look, as well as superior appearance are the secret for exhibition success. Custom exhibition stand design can elevate the company’s exposure, creating a more remarkable presentation.

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Custom Exhibition Stands Covering Targets


Effective stand creation and designs related to the purpose of the event.
Implement your exhibition targets in the design. Grow and succeed with intelligent strategies.

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Discover How Design Can Make a Difference


Exhibiting at trade shows is a vital part of many companies marketing efforts.
Develop with Activteam advanced stand design concepts and all visual elements, sophisticated exhibition designs that interacts with the audience.

Capture Customer’s Interest Producing a Design With a Fresh and Attractive Look.

Are you in search of a exhibition design company that helps developing exhibition designs that have never been made before? A design and build that inspires, has a clear design strategy and helps you to make decisions?
We design and develop innovative stands. Stands that have never been made before, that are different and have a positive impact on people’s perception, that are more sustainable.
Create a winning exhibition stand
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Activteam Projects are Based on Aesthetics

Aesthetic generate beauty, and beauty is the secret ingredient which makes an exhibition stand go even more as a trade fair presentation, giving customers a singular experience. Activteam provides fantastic solutions which assist organizations from all over the world and their brands to stand apart among the competition. Build your worldwide recognition with brilliant stand design solutions.
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Exhibition stand designed and built in Verona, Italy

Create a New Design Concept That is Customized to Your Operation and Targets

Progressive creative stand design concepts designed to increase client interactions, deliver a certain desired experience, content, images, and feelings that enhance a association between company and potential customers.
Enhance the communication with a well designed concept and increase the dialog between relevant target groups.

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