Showcasing at an exhibition can be an expensive business with numerous factors to be considered – renting floorspace, creating a display, promotion and assigning staff. Setting (and allocating) your financial budget from the outset is is usually a good idea so we have to determine a preliminary budget.

Exhibition stand prices, Exhibitors always wonder the amount do stands actually cost, moreover these price ranges are to try give companies an idea on the price an exhibition stand goes for in Europe
It is essential to Know how much you’d like to invest on your stand. The reason why for this is that we often build trade show stands starting from 8000 euros – 80,000 euros . So what we can design and create very much depends on how you feel to be a reasonable amount to spend on your exhibition stand

We are able to design an exhibit booth for just about any budget; we are going to have to take the initial costs into account.
A custom design stand with intensive graphics, rollpainted general finishes, duco sprayed, may cost anything between for 30 m2 8500 to 15000 euros (and higher). The per M2 is 250 euro to 400 euro in average range. Possibly a unique stand could cost upward of those figures depending on special specifications.

The market average to rent an individual exhibition stand is 260-350 euro per square meter, for larger exhibition stands. For instance, 100m2 booths would cost between 26,000 and 35,000 euro.
It not just about the costs, but mainly about what a participation will bring a company.
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