Create a Remarkable Exhibition Stand and Get Noticed by Your Audience


Create a leadership with innovative exhibition stand design

Attractive layouts and unique exhibition stands, spread an amazing picture to the potential audience, that will recognize the company as a major corporation in the market segment.


Discover Smart Exhibition Stands Solutions


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Modern Exhibition Stands Concepts


Our progressive concepts increase customer relationships, as they deliver a specific wanted experience, material, images, and reactions that enhance the interaction between business and customers.

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Different Approach With a Custom Exhibition Stand


An outstanding custom exhibition stand, spread a remarkable image to the potential audience, that will recognize the company as a leading in the market. Create the ultimate concept with Activteam.

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Dynamic Environments Related to the Purpose of Your Event


Get a custom exhibition stand with a winning, industry related image, as well as exceptional look and feel are the technique for exhibition success, elevating dramatically the company’s exposure, creating a more remarkable presentation.

Creating Ground Breaking Exhibition Stands to Help You Deliver Your Products to the World

Activteam offers outstanding custom exhibition stand styles and solutions to increase exhibition presentation effectiveness and visualize products and services. Drawing on in-depth know-how about exhibition promotion methods, we can help you ensure, the efficiency of your exhibition promotion.
Create a winning exhibition stand
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Exhibition Stands Concepts that Awake Attention

Activteam exhibition stands are focused on aesthetics, ergonomics and definitely will deliver severity and a trustful environment. Innovative alternatives, highlight the features of your company, products, services and their benefits.

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Exhibition stand designed and built in Verona, Italy

Exhibition Stands That Make a Difference

Stay at the forefront of your customers mind. An stand concept with a beatiful, comfortable inviting atmosphere, developed to reach the exhibition objectives, will lead to a higher success, will build relationships with potential customers and cultivate those relationships. Our innovative exhibition stand design concepts will implement your trade show strategy.

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