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When contemplating exhibiting in Europe, it is s important to comprehend the difference it places The other international markets in the context of scale. Firstly, if we consider the size of the market, it is huge in comparison to other countries with most EU states claiming GDPs equivalent to sovereign nations. Geographically, the countries is quite simply enormous, and with the distance from north Germany to Italy over 2500 KM, it is no wonder that transportation costs can be much greater. And finally, the regularity of events in the EU tends to be more expensive compared to the rest of the world.

A European client with a program of 5 or more events annually would be considered to be rather busy, whereas in the US, it’s not unusual for a large company to have some sort of event every few weeks – from a major trade show to a much smaller expo. Once you have this difference in scale in mind, many of the factors below make much more sense – from the way that stands are intended, built, the labor used to build them, to the cost of an exhibition program on its own – exhibiting in the EU is a very different proposition towards rest of the world.

Exhibition stands in the UK

Exhibitions participations can make it easy for companies to evaluate their competitors. Exchanging information, conversations remains important. In a decision-making situation the degree of personal trust established between business partners is a key factor. In the competition for any business partner trust personal acquaintance and word-f-mouth marketing become values. It is important to work with exhibition booth suppliers with marketing know-how themselves. Whether at home or abroad, being able to maintain close customer contact is an essential factor in the quest for strategic success.

With the right strategy, every trade exhibition you attend is an opportunity to drastically expand your companies customer base. The people who attend trade shows tend to be motivated, interested in the products or services your company offers, and often ready to commit to a deal on the spot.

By using your exhibit smartly, you can position your business as being part of a niche within your market. Positioning your booth next to your industry’s blue-chip and important companies creates a powerful psychological image that can help your company move from startup to established brand in the eyes of your customers. Exhibition stands supply design and building service providers. Exhibition partner research as an important aspect exhibition booth suppliers research is a kay starting point.

A high-quality exhibit built in Europe may sometimes is, in general, a higher design and customization scale, when compared with other countries, but this is due to the high standards in the design of exhibiting in the EU that are added to a rental exhibit. Of course, better-made exhibits can be accomplished but at substantially higher costs.

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