exhibition stand

The goal of exhibition marketing is to boost the awareness of the business, enhance its visibility on the trade fair and spread its messages towards the market. In this type of marketing, Activteam employ unique strategies and deliver advantages from methods as visibility techniques, leader strategy and display media. First of all, they analyze the company and recognize its objectives and according to that, device a suitable event strategy. The goal is usually to take the business to to boost its visibility, increase the brand awareness . More so, efforts are supposed to get the attention of target market and look for prospects from them.

Regarding the stand preparation, the target budget helps the stand builder to stay inside the budget and provide the best solution for the available amount. The color mix is important, with the information how the space should be divided. Depending on the exhibition targets, a closer design with meeting rooms and VIP areas is more favorable for negotiations or enhancing already existing customer relationships. For newcomers or companies launching a new products an open space can reach their exhibition targets. The exhibition target is a key information for a professional exhibition stand provider to develop the right concept.

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