exhibition exhibit designs

The exhibitors were fine-tuned and created an objective oriented stand developed by Activteam. Design makes a distinction, preparation is crucial, an experienced contractor and exhibition stand hire solutions can make the difference.

This ITB World Travel Trends Report was again commissioned by ITB Berlin from IPK International, organizers of the annual World Travel Monitor Forum, held at San Giuliano Terme, near Pisa, Italy. ITB Berlin is delighted to continue its close association with IPK International and the Pisa forum for the consecutive years. The ITB Berlin Convention, Rolf Freitag will present updated figures as well as the latest forecasts. The impact of terror attacks on the travel industry was a much-discussed topic at the Pisa forum. World Travel Monitor data showed that the real risk to travelers from terror attacks is much lower than, for example, health problems or crime. Speakers highlighted the possible methods that affected destinations could use to enhance their tourism image as well as the positive mutual benefits of tourism and peace. Bringing more safety to travelers. read more

Exhibition stand builders requires technical expertise, a lot of planning and preparation has to take place on the run up to the event to ensure a successful outcome and visible results. Activteam helped exhibitors preparing exhibition stands providing all services from unique designed exhibition stands, marketing support and target implementation and build up on the fairground. more details

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